Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Let's make an arrangement My Dear...!!!

Let's make an arrangement, to love each other without need, without speaking, without gathering, without breathing under one roof.

Let's kick the walls of this fake world, the traditions….!!! 
Our bodies need a release,….

Death won't fulfill his promises anymore.

Let's be love….
let's be gods….

Lets create our universe….

Let's make an arrangement, to love each other without need.

And if you are someone who still carries hope in your heart, kindness in your eyes and gentleness in your fingertips in spite of terrible people happening to you, thanks to you…...
You are one of the few truly pure things left in this world, and you deserve to be protected my dear…!!!!

 Protect yourself because the world is full of people who do appreciate the beautiful things and humans, but they want to ruin them, too…!
 Protect your heart, your soul and most importantly, the love you carry. Invest it in someone who deserves every bit of it and use it wisely.
Do not forget that while trying to fill up someone's lake of love, your pond of Love doesn't dry up.

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  1. “Intense love does not measure… it just gives.”