Sometimes it HaPPenS...!

Some People are so
Important in our Life,
not because we Enjoy
there Company,
but because we Feel
very Lonely in there Absence.


Someday someone will

walk into ur life,
& will make you
realize that,
why it never worked out,
with anyone else.


Sometimes It's Too

Late To Make
Things Right,
Sometimes We Hurt
Others More Than We
Realize ,
Sometimes A Smile
Fades In Front
Of Our Eyes
And Sometimes We R The
Reason For
Tears In Someone's Eyes.


It's easy to lose

someone by
a lie.
Difficult to get
back that
person by saying


Sometimes I like to listen

sad music when I’m sad,
to make me double sad.



the person who tries to
keep everyone happy
is often the most
lonely one.


Its Difficult To Wait For Someone,

And Its Difficult To ForgetSomeone !


The Most Difficult Thing Is To Decide Whether To Wait Or ToForget Someone...


Damn True Line …

There is always s0me0ne in

Wh0se m0od effects y0ur m0od. 


U FEEL someone in every HEARTBEAT,
U FIND someone in every THOUGHT,
U SEE someone with CLOSED EYES,
And U MISS someone without any reason
People say,
"Never expect anything
in return from anyone
But the truth is...
"When we genuinely Feel For someone,
we naturally EXPECT
a little care from them..!!

Psychology says its tough when someone special starts to
ignore you, but it's even tougher to pretend that you don't mind...!!!!

Sometimes you just have to keep
smiling because you know that the moment you stop smiling the
uncontrollable tears will start falling !! 

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