Thursday, 27 March 2014

Everything Hurts...BUT LOVE Never Hurts....!!

The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate But To Avoid. If U Dont Love  someone who loves you Then Hate them But Plz Dont Avoid the,.. It Hurts..People Cry Not Because Love Ends, But Because It Still Continues, Even If It's Over. 
It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today. And Sometimes the person that hurt you the most, is the one you need the most.In this sictutions crying is the only way your eyes speak when your mouth can't explain  how things make heart broken..
Memories are hard to forget. Caring for someone is hard to regret. Losing someone is hard to accept, but even with all the hurt I've felt letting go and moving on is the most painful yet.

Just because a relationship ends, doesn't mean two people stopped loving each other. Sometimes, they just stopped hurting each other.

EVERYONE SAYS LOVE HURTS...BUT ITS WRONG....Loneliness Hurts, Rejection Hurts....,Loosing Someone Hurts...,Everyone in this world confuse with this feeling...But Love is the only thing which cover up all the pains and make someone feel wonderful Again... love never hurts Because most of the time....!!!!!!!

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