Saturday, 10 January 2015

Somebody needs you...and that sombody's me...!!!

            जब दूर जाती हू तो पास खींचते हो..जब पास आती हू तब दूरिया बढ़ा देते हो..दिल ओर दिमाग़ के इसकश्मकश  मे दिल कहता है wait  कर लू......दिमाग़ कहता है इस इंतज़ार का कोई अंत नही.................!!!
कभी कभी आप का दिल किसी भी माप से अच्छा  Guide कर लेता है.. .You just need to know how to listen it my dear...!!!
When you have a good heart,
you help too much,
you trust too much,

you give too much,

you love too much.
and in the end
that too much,
hurts you so much.....!!!
you are loved when you are born...
you will be loved when you die ...
in between you have to manage my dear .....!!!

Each and Every Feelings are important in our life ,as they come from heart......!!!
If u respond back they grow,
If you ignore they die,
if you respect they stay forever..!!!!

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