Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Meet me offline Tonight,....!!!

Meet me offline tonight, ‘cause a 73 x 73 thumbnail isn’t enough you. I want you in the highest resolution, in four dimensions, the only way I know how to look at something beautiful. You weren’t made for the screen you know.....
 Let’s lose ourselves in a place with no reviews, no Google results, no notifications... where no there is  distance between your eyes and mine eyes that’s a good place to start. Let’s look there  first my dear..!!!!

Tonight,  I want to eat too slowly with you and argue over your favorite film and take your mother’s side.tonight i wan't to see you making funny faces to me..tonight i want you to pull my nose for my every reaction...Sign off and log out and shut down so we can meet up and go out and get high on fingers touching fingers not  fingers pressing buttons. 

What I want to give to you is too large to attach, i don't want you to  be uploaded or emailed or right-click-saved. Meet me so that we can remember again how to connect without a router and a modem and a satellite, do it so that we don’t forget.Just unplug for a while, ‘cause I can’t download the space between your shoulder blades and I need your back in my hands to remember how bodies work my baby.... 

‘Cause what I mean is I want to touch you, not Poke you; I want to like you, not Like you; I want to love you, not Heart you. I want to live in a place where the space between your back exists, where it’s wire-less and not wireless, a place where I can feel you.....meet me offline tonight <3  

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