Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A suicide Note...!!!!

Our breakup was a real tough one. he  left me for a choice. I have been with him so long that’s why he begged for a space to discover myself alone, as well as him. But things turned out to be different. Throughout that struggle, he didn’t realize he  left me hanging, with no one to hold on to...!!!!

 I soon figured out that he needed me, he needed someone, but he found you, hoping that you’ll put back the pieces of his broken heart. I happened to read your conversation one time, and it just hit me so hard,.... so hard ....!!!  that I just want to die.

i can't Fight anymore for you...!!! 
I hearty hope  we will find out place and situation where we can be together in another life.. I know we meet again.. till then  i will  Miss You

Take care my baby...!!!.

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